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The distribution of ready-to-wear in France: tendencies in 2010

14 March 2011 by Véronique Revet Servettaz

The main distribution is through specialised chains, representing a 33.5% market share in France in 2010 (+0.8%). They are followed by independent shops (19.9% of the market share), which have decreased by 1.1 points. The share of specialised stores remained stable in 2010 (10.7%), followed by the large hypermarkets with a 6.1% market share. The two channels with increasing sales are the large stores and sports stores with respectively 5.7% and 4.7% of the market share.
We must not forget the real winner: Internet. On-line sales of women’s ready-to-wear reached 9% in 2010. Mail order companies have the biggest share in this sector (they have 55% of the total on-line sales), but they are faced with considerable competition from the traditional fashion players that are developing their own sites, such as Zara, or from pure players making private sales, or Ebay. Numerous brands and stores are therefore trying to conquer female consumers by using tools such as smartphones or tablet computers. On Facebook, dozens of fashion and luxury brands can be found amongst the top 20 brands that have the most ‘friends’.

More info in ‘Le Journal du Textile’ 1st March 2011

Improvement in the situation of the ready-to-wear sector in France

1 March 2011 by Véronique Revet Servettaz

After the crisis in 2009, the situation of women’s ready-to-wear slightly improved in 2010, thanks to sales, of course, but also exports and…Internet.
The French Federation of Women Prêt-à-Porter has in fact just published encouraging figures.
Women’s ready-to-wear sales suffered a slight depreciation of around 0.5%; the market figures amounted to 11.6 billion euros. This represents an average budget of 421 euros per French woman or girl over the age of 13 years old. Amongst these women, the 19-24 age group accounted for 23.6% in value of the total expenditure of women’s ready-to-wear. The number of items purchased has continued to decrease. According to François Marie Grau, general secretary of the French Federation of Women Prêt-à-Porter, “It seems that French women prefer quality products to the detriment of multi- purchases of items with a low added value”.
The second favourable indicator: in 2009 exports fell by 10%, but they increased again by 2.6% in 2010.This good growth concerned exports to Japan and the United States. The European Union, with its 27 countries, continues to be France’s main client (56.4% of total exports in 2010) thanks to the new members of the EU, as sales to Italy, Spain, Germany Belgium and the United Kingdom have decreased.
It is however still a little early to speak of a real recovery. But the 2010 budget for clothing and footwear has stabilized (after falling for two years); the winners are shoes and fashion accessories.

Fédération Française du Prèt-à-Porter Féminin

More info in ‘Le Journal du Textile’ 1/11/03